Customer Story

Entrepreneurial Agility Enables Custom Home Creator

September 22, 2021

When Tony Pechenik saw an opportunity to purchase land for his Colorado-based construction company, Artisanal Homes, he trusted Forward Financing to make it an efficient, simple process. Twelve business hours after submitting his application in July 2021, he received $200,000 in sales-based financing. Once construction wraps up in a few months, he plans to resell the land for $4 million, resulting in an incredible profit. 

Ease of Doing Business

“Forward Financing allows people to have more entrepreneurial agility,” said Pechenik. “I knew being able to buy the land quickly was going to be profitable, so the cost was worth it. It’s not just about the immediate cost. It’s about the return that the capital provides you.”

Pechenik decided to renew his financing with Forward Financing because of the ease of doing business. We ask customers to submit their last three months’ business bank statements and their basic business information to allow our underwriters to understand the company’s cash flow. 

“Forward Financing asks for and wants an explanation of the business’ revenue. Whereas at a bank, they don’t work with you to understand your business and it would have taken a month. If I used traditional financing, by the time I attained the funding, the opportunity would be gone.”


Simple, Efficient Funding Process

When Artisanal Homes needed to act quickly to seize an opportunity, Pechenik appreciated that Forward Financing completed a full underwriting review upfront, which allowed him to know within a few hours of submitting his application that he was approved.

“Since Forward Financing quickly tells you if they can move forward with your financing or not, you know that you’re not wasting your time,” he said. “I renewed my funding with Forward Financing because it was an easy, fast process, and that gave me free time to do other things for my business.”


Supportive Customer Service

Pechenik worked with his Account Executive throughout the entire renewal funding process. Describing the experience as “uncomplex,” he liked how clear his Account Executive was about what documents he needed to submit and was transparent about when to expect the funding process to be complete. 

“My Account Executive was as interested in doing the deal as I was,” he described. “We collaborated together for quick decisions and were both working towards the same goal.” 

“Forward Financing doesn’t provide money,” Pechenik said. “They provide ability.”


Are you looking for additional capital to help expand your business? If you’ve already received funding from Forward Financing in the past, reach out to your Account Executive. Or if you’re new to working with us, submit your application today!