Customer Story

Genuine Customer Service Attracts Trucking Company Owner

April 19, 2023

Vivian Dennis started her very own business Speedy Vipp Trucking Company, in the winter of 2019. With two trucks and two drivers, Speedy Vipp is responsible for hauling freight across the country.

Need for Capital

Vivian was going through a temporary setback. She was having mechanical difficulties with her trucks that made daily operations nearly impossible. Knowing she couldn’t be successful if her equipment was breaking down, she needed to find a way out. After researching a couple of different options, she landed on revenue-based financing from Forward Financing.

Once Vivian received her working capital, she was able to make the necessary repairs to keep her trucks running consistently. This improvement doubled her weekly income and gave her peace of mind.

Working With Forward Financing

Forward instantly stood out to Vivian because of the customer service. Every representative she spoke with was real and genuinely cared about her and her business. She knew that no matter the circumstances, she could reach out and Forward was there to help. Finding funding, and going through a temporary setback can be scary, but Forward never made her feel like she was going through a tough situation alone.

Vivian has made her last payment and is so grateful for the opportunity Forward gave her business. She recommends Forward Financing to anyone who is searching for fast, flexible, small business capital!

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