Customer Story

Forward’s Customer Service Keeps Trucking Company Loyal

June 28, 2023

In October of 2017, Willie Curry purchased a truck and started Diesel Curry Logistics. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, his company is responsible for moving military and heavy haul items (like excavators and trackers) across the country.

Need for Capital

After a tough start as the only driver, Willie’s business started to pick up. In 2019 he bought a second truck and hired his first driver. Early in 2020 he hired a second driver, and his business was growing until COVID-19 hit. He was able to manage his cash flow for a while but soon realized he was going to need additional capital. When Willie started his research he was unaware of revenue-based financing as an option for working capital. Once he learned about Forward, he quickly decided it was going to be the best fit for his business.

Why Forward

Willie chose to work with Forward because of the rates, short estimated term length, and payment relief. He appreciated that, unlike bank loans, he could get this financing paid off quicker. And when one of his trucks broke down shortly after his first round of funding, he was so grateful to take advantage of payment relief during that temporary decrease in revenue. He was able to lower his weekly payments until the truck was fixed and safely back on the road.

As he started working with Forward, the customer service really stood out. He loved that whenever he reached out, the conversation was always centered on the wellbeing of his business and how Forward could help – “How is everything going? How is your business doing? What can we do to support you?” It is very clear to him that Forward cares about the success of his business, which made the decision to renew easy when he needed additional rounds of funding. The experience Willie gets with Forward has made him a loyal customer. An experience so good he’s not going to leave!


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