Customer Story

Flexibility Attracts Spanish-Speaking Business Owner

December 16, 2022

With a dream to build his own business and create a legacy for his family, Juan Diaz started JC & Son’s Trucking in 2019. Located in Jersey City, his company is responsible for transporting fresh and frozen food around the country.

Need for Capital

After a few years in business, Juan wanted to expand JC & Son’s – but he needed additional capital to make it happen. While speaking to his friends and family about funding options, a friend referred him to Forward Financing. And, after some research Juan felt that Forward was the right fit.

After receiving his revenue-based financing, Juan used the funds to pay his employees, complete maintenance work on his two trucks, and make other necessary expenditures while he awaited payment from vendors. This financing became a cash flow management tool for his business, giving him tremendous peace of mind.

Working With Forward Financing

When asked what he likes most about working with Forward, Juan cites flexibility and payment relief as his favorite benefits. He feels safe knowing that if his revenue declines, he can call Forward to have his payments adjusted accordingly, which is a weight off his shoulders when it comes to payroll. He can keep his employees working and paid, mitigating the risk of losing staff.

Juan also loves that with Forward, he can speak to someone in his native language, Spanish. Knowing he can confidently communicate his needs, as well as the needs of his business, with someone who understands him and cares about his success is a huge benefit. For Juan, his Forward reps don’t just feel like business partners; they feel like family.

As Juan continues to grow his business, he hopes to build his relationship with Forward as well. The support, genuine interest in his success, and flexibility are all reasons why working with Forward is an integral part of his future vision.

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