Customer Story

Retail Owner Says Compassion Helped Business Stay Afloat

February 10, 2021

Melissa Kolstad of Babygirlz Boutique in St. Joseph, MN talked to us about how Forward Financing’s compassion and willingness to work with her helped her business stay afloat throughout the shutdown.

Why did you look for capital?

I own a women’s clothing retail store, and we needed funds to build up our inventory. We focus on our brick-and-mortar sales since our older customer base doesn’t frequently shop online. When our store had to close in the spring because of COVID, and we didn’t get any financial help from PPP (Paycheck Protection Program), we turned to Forward Financing to help us.


How did you decide on Forward Financing?

We’ve had difficulty getting financing in the past because of our credit profile, but I appreciated how Forward Financing was willing to work with us. We considered a few other options, but we went with Forward because they gave us the largest approval amount.


How did Forward react when your business needed support?

Forward continued to work with me throughout the process. When I could make the regular payment, I did, and when I couldn’t, they were happy to adjust it. If I had to make the regular payments the entire time, I wouldn’t have been able to handle it.


What was it like working with Forward?

Everyone I worked with was very responsive. I would ask for a change in payments and would get a response back within 24 hours. They were understanding about my situation, compassionate, and made me feel heard.


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