Customer Story

Responsiveness Helps Trucking Company Get Back on the Road

April 21, 2021

We spoke with Petey Hatfield of Petey Hatfield Trucking based out of West Virginia. He shared the challenges he faced in 2020 and how the trusting relationship he built with Forward Financing helped his business get through the tough times. Over the past two years, Petey has worked with Forward four times to help his trucking company get the funds he needed to pay for repairs and equipment.


Why were you looking for capital?

I’m the owner and sole driver of my trucking company, and I needed the funds to get equipment. Since my first round of funding, I’ve received two renewals and used them to bridge the gap between jobs.


Why did you choose Forward?

I don’t have the ideal credit profile for a bank, so I appreciate how Forward was willing to work with me. Compared to the other offers I received, Forward gave me the best approval.


How did COVID-19 impact your business?

I had a lot of jobs lined up in 2020 that suddenly disappeared. When I had difficulty making payments, the Account Servicing team was great. They helped me in every way that I needed.


What was it like working with the Forward team?

I appreciate the responsiveness. When you need them, you get a response back quickly. I like building a relationship with a company that I can trust and keep my business there.


Why do you choose to renew your financing with Forward several times?

I trust them. I like their customer service, and they’ve been very helpful with all of the concerns that I’ve had.


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