Customer Story

Rate-Oriented Trucking Company Owner Picks Forward

July 16, 2021

July 16, 2021 – We chatted with Antonio Ferguson, owner of Smith & Ferguson, a trucking company based out of Columbus, Ohio, about his experience working with Forward Financing.

Why did you start Smith & Ferguson?

I wanted to build a business that I could give to my children. Family is important to me – Smith is my maternal grandmother’s last name and Ferguson is my paternal grandfather’s last name.


Why did you choose Forward Financing?

The terms were fair and they explained them to me in clear language. The rates were something that I could fit into my budget. They were willing to give me a shot at getting capital to help my business. I had six or seven other offers but Forward’s was the best.


What did you use the funds for?

I had to pay for some operating expenses and to lease some equipment.


Did COVID-19 impact your business?

Yes, the rates for making deliveries tended to fluctuate a lot. That meant that revenues were much more uncertain. I didn’t know how much money we would make for the year.


What was it like working with Forward Financing?

My Account Servicing Specialist, Javier, worked with me and gave me the space to fix my financial situation. When our business was going through some financial struggles, he trusted me and that we would be able to get back on our feet. He was very patient, understanding, and intentional about how he did business.


Was there anything surprising about working with Forward?

When I first got the funds, I didn’t realize how flexible they would be. I was really impressed with how willing Forward Financing was to truly help me. Forward has helped my business survive.


What do you love about being a small business owner?

You can create a legacy. It’s incredible training on how to learn and do new things.


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