Customer Story

Professionalism Made Impact on Credit Card Processor

January 26, 2021

We spoke with Ken, owner of a credit card processing company, about how Forward’s professionalism and flexibility made him feel comfortable with the process and able to stay on track.


Why did you need capital?

I work in the credit card industry, and I needed to pay upfront a large sum to pay for marketing.


Why did you choose Forward?

I wanted to partner with someone that I could build a relationship with, which is why I didn’t go to a bank. Forward was willing to work with me. They are flexible about the eligibility qualifications for funding and made it easy to apply for a renewal.

How did Forward Financing help your business?

The funds helped me to reach more customers, and the support during COVID was tremendous. When I needed to change my payment amount, Forward was willing to help me out when things got tough.


What did you appreciate most about your experience with Forward?

The customer service and willingness to communicate. They were responsive and upfront about the process. People made it happen when I needed the funds and demonstrated flexibility when my business slowed down due to COVID.

I liked how they were professional and knew what they are talking about. This made me feel comfortable with the process. You go back to the people who provide you with good service and want to work with you, which is why I received funding from them several times.


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