Customer Story

Easy Process Helps Newspaper Keep Up With Demand

December 18, 2020

We spoke with Earl Watt, owner of Leader & Times, an independent newspaper based in Liberal, Kansas about why he loves the easy funding process at Forward Financing. Over the past year, he worked with Forward Financing to receive funding three times to keep up with the increased online readership during COVID.


Why did you come to Forward?

The market changed when we bought the business several years ago, and we needed to adapt. We needed to invest in video and online resources to expand our reach. But we couldn’t do it overnight. We needed funding from Forward to fill that gap and allow us to continue to function.


How did COVID-19 impact your business?

Beginning in March, our readership increased exponentially. People paid more attention to the local news because they needed to know what was happening right here in our community. That’s our focus. We instantly shared information on the number of active cases, hospital visits,
and policy updates.

For example, we streamed the county commissioner sharing the new mask policy, and the public responded with questions they had about how it will affect their business or child’s school.
COVID-19 forced our industry to rethink how we deliver the news and how the public interacts with it.


Why did you pick Forward?

We weren’t familiar with this style of funding. We were only looking into traditional options through a bank. But a bank loan takes forever, and we need funds immediately. I liked how Forward’s application process was based on a fair assessment of looking at our bank account and evaluating what we were eligible for. The renewing process was easy and essentially turned around within 24 hours. We had another offer on the table, but it would cost twice as much as what Forward charged. Over the past year, we’ve worked with Forward three times to get funding because of the easy process and great customer service.


What was it like working with Forward?

Forward was pleasant to work with, wanted to help, and got it done for us. I felt like I had an ally
in the financial world, whereas it felt like the traditional methods did not want to make it happen
for you. They were as committed as I was in getting us the funds.

Since all payments are automatically debited from my account, I don’t have to worry about
when it is due. If you’re in a position to pay it off early, there’s a discount. Overall, I loved the ease and quickness of the process application and payment process.


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