Customer Story

Ease, Speed Process Helps Trucking Company

January 19, 2021

January 19, 2021 – Gina Renz, owner of Walnut Creek Logistics based in Ellsworth, Kansas, shares how the ease and speed of working with Forward Financing helped her trucking company get back on the road quickly.


Why did you need capital?

Both of our semis are a bit older, and with 36 tires on the road that need replacements every 3-6 months, it gets expensive. We used the funds to do intensive repair and maintenance of our tires, motors, and transmissions.


What was important to you in determining a financial partner?

I appreciated the fast process. We don’t have to wait several days or weeks to get the funds. With Forward, we can get the approval within a few hours and funds the same day.

But it’s not just speed. It’s the overall ease of the process. Previously we worked with another company in the industry to receive notes. But it was a hassle and required a lot more work. Not having to go into an office to sign papers and do the work online was a big help. I love how I can sign the contract online, and it’s easy to understand.


What was it like working with Forward Financing?

Everyone I’ve worked with at Forward has been eager to help, answer questions, give advice, and have been an available resource. There were times that we needed to reduce our payment amount or take a pause on payments for a few days, and they were wonderful about it.


Forward Financing speed Customer Story

How did the funds impact your business?

It made a tremendous impact. If I had to continue to go through the bank or lease company, the hurdles and time it takes wouldn’t have helped us get back to work quickly enough. Forward Financing is definitely a funder that we will continue to use. When we lost business due to COVID, Forward Financing helped us take care of things and were willing to help.


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