Customer Story

Contractor Chose Forward for Strong Reputation

June 1, 2021

June 1, 2021 – We chatted with Laura Zollinhofer, owner of PAX Contracting in Maryland, about her experience in getting funding from Forward Financing and why the company’s strong reputation was important in the decision-making process.

Tell us about your business. Why did you start it?

My husband and I previously worked for a construction company and I saw the potential in the industry and how I would be able to help people. Two years ago, I started my own contracting company. After starting with roofing, I expanded to adding decks and siding to homes. I prioritize fair pricing and good quality products to help our customers get what they need.

Why were you in need of capital?

I needed to buy materials for projects and had to make sure that everyone on my team was paid by the end of the week.


How did COVID-19 impact your business?

We stopped working forĀ 1.5 months to figure out a strategy to complete projects and make sure customers feel comfortable, so we didn’t do any interior projects for several months. However, when winter hit, our revenue dropped significantly. The funding from Forward helped us get through those tough months.

Why did you pick Forward Financing?

We received multiple offers and decided on working with Forward Financing because of the company’s reputation. We saw that they had strong customer reviews and the customer service was great, we knew that we could trust them. Since we try to do most of our business with cash, we don’t have a lot of credit lines and Forward Financing was still able to give us a good offer.


What are your favorite aspects of working with Forward?

They gave us the best approval amount and when we renew, we hope to get an even stronger approval if we maintain a strong payment record. I also love the easiness of it – that the payments come out of our account every day and we don’t have to worry about it.


What are the most challenging aspects of being a small business owner?

It’s a challenge to maintain enough capital, when we are always in need of purchasing supplies and paying for labor. Our projects mean a lot to our customers, so there’s pressure to make sure our customers are happy and that everything is done properly.


What are your favorite parts of being a small business owner?

I love seeing the joy in our customers’ faces when they are happy with the end result. We also love donating to the local community, especially since it was hit hard by the pandemic.


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