Customer Story

Construction Company Is “Raving Fan of Forward”

February 16, 2021

Sam Alrub of Ram Construction based in Annapolis, Maryland, shared with us how Forward Financing’s flexibility and professionalism supported his business in most difficult months of COVID.

Why did you look for capital?

I own a home remodeling construction company, and we received funding from Forward four times for operating capital. Since we need to hit certain benchmarks of a project before we get paid, we needed money to bridge the gap. We used the money for materials and payroll.

Why did you choose Forward?

If you are a business owner, you cannot go through hurdles and wait for weeks to get capital when you need to pay your team by the end of the week. Even though our credit is solid, banks are cumbersome to work with. We worked with other funders in the past that were very difficult.

But Forward was the right fit. They were very professional, the process was easy, and we could get the funds quickly. I continued to renew my financing because of Forward’s professionalism and our level of trust.


How did COVID impact your business?

We got our most recent round of funding three weeks before COVID hit. In the spring, we couldn’t go back into people’s homes to finish our projects, let alone take on new projects. And if you don’t finish it, you don’t get paid. Forward was really flexible and went above and beyond to give me a break in payments when we needed it.

It was a scary time, but I appreciated the empathy. They understand that we’re working together – that this is a partnership. I would absolutely do business with Forward again. Would I recommend someone to Forward? Absolutely.


What do you enjoy most about working with Forward?

Forward is a class A company and the level of professionalism is unmatched by any other funder. Everyone I’ve worked with understands my business and we have a sense of mutual trust. I’ve become a raving fan of Forward!


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