Customer Story

Customer Service and Payment Relief Keep Pressure Cleaning Company Coming Back

June 7, 2022

Back in July 2019, Ronda Romain and Alee Williams opened Alpha & Omega Pressure Cleaning & Services in South Florida, offering pressure cleaning services for roofs and driveways, paver repair, and sealing of pool areas, decks, and driveways. Now on their fifth round of funding with Forward, we spoke to Ronda about what drove the duo to originally seek financial assistance, and what keeps them coming back to us again and again.

Need for Capital

Alpha & Omega is a two-person show, with Ronda on the administrative side and Alee on the front lines completing the jobs. The company hadn’t been operating for long before the pandemic hit in early 2020 and threw a wrench in their operation. While they continued to complete jobs, their clients’ payments weren’t coming in as quickly as they once had. “With the pandemic, some of the customers wouldn’t pay right away after work was completed, so cash flow was a bit slow,” said Ronda, “so we decided to look for financing to keep the flow going.” Thus, began their relationship with Forward.

The two used their first three rounds of funding as working capital to keep their business afloat while their customer payments came in. With the impact of COVID-19 in full swing, they found that customer payments were often delayed by 30-60 days. The funds from Forward came with affordable payments, and made sense for their business.

When things picked back up, they renewed for a fourth time and invested in a new truck for their business. They had been using a trailer that they would attach to an existing vehicle, and with their funds from Forward, they were able to purchase a truck (in cash!) that was much more convenient for Alee to take out on jobs.

Now, on their fifth round of revenue-based financing, they’ve upgraded the truck to include a larger capacity machine – allowing them to take on larger jobs and making smaller jobs much faster and easier. The two are excited for the opportunities this additional capacity will provide for the growth of their business.

Why Forward

When asked why they continue to come back to Forward, Ronda noted the affordable payments, customer service, and payment relief options as top of mind. “The payment options that you offer are not a large amount, so we could afford to pay it every day,” she said. And when customers were slow to pay and they didn’t have funds available, she noted the ability to work with our Account Servicing team on adjusting payments as a big selling point. She loves being able to explain the situation and work out a solution without any penalties. “When we reach out to you, it’s very hassle-free,” said Ronda. She noted that in comparison to other funders they’ve worked with, she always prefers working with Forward. “The service [is] really good,” she said “They’ll work with you to work it out so you can still get it done.”

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