Customer Story

Construction Company Picks Forward for Ease of Funding

June 12, 2023

In 2012, Damion Huggarth moved from Jamaica to the US. With a background in tiling installation and a strong desire to start his own business, Damion opened Huggarth Construction in a shore town of Massachusetts in the spring of 2017.

Need for Capital

Damion’s first couple of years in business were very successful. But after COVID-19 hit in 2020, he realized he would need additional capital to help manage his cash flow and purchase materials. As he started his search for funding, it became clear that Forward Financing was going to be the best fit.

Why Forward

There were two major reasons why Damion chose to work with Forward. First, the process of receiving his funds was fast and easy. It didn’t require a lot of effort upfront before the capital was deposited into his business bank account. Second, he knew working with Forward would help build his business credit. As he stated, “in this country, credit is everything. I knew if I was going to be successful I needed to build my business credit.”

Looking Ahead

Damion is grateful that the funding he received from Forward helped keep him in business during a very difficult economic climate. It allowed him to stay focused on completing quality work and providing excellent customer service. The last time we chatted, Damion had just made his final payment and is proud to now be managing his cash flow independently. After his positive experience with four rounds of funding from Forward, we’re sure Damion will reach back out if he has a need for additional capital to support his business!


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