Forward Financing knows the credit card processing industry well and after working with a large number of merchant processing companies we can say the solutions Forward Financing offers are the most advantageous for small business owners.

Top five business solutions are as follows:

  • Being able to accept payments in any form including mobile commerce (iPhone, Android, Tablet) translates into happy customers and additional income.
  • Being billed fairly for credit card processing means saving money by eliminating secret, hidden and unfair fees.
  • Being able to establish cash reserves for tax payments, expansion, retirement and emergencies without feeling the pinch means it’ll be there when it’s needed.
  • Being able to reduce debt load with a painless solution for everything from vendors to car payments translates into significant cash flow improvement.
  • Being able to resolve customer service issues with one phone call to us – we handle it all in-house – brings an end to wasted time, frustrating transfers and endless menu options.

Helpful to know:

  • We make switching processors quick and simple, and most importantly an upgrade for your business
  • Often times we can cover any fee associated with cancelling current processing account
  • Our team members are experts at terminal and POS compatibility