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5 Steps Forward Financing is Taking to Find Diverse Job Candidates

May 27, 2021

Building a diverse workforce is a top concern for many companies today, as it should be. Creating a diverse workplace starts by intentionally searching for and finding diverse job candidates. At Forward Financing, a Boston-based fintech company, we are committed to creating a workplace where trust and respect are paramount, and all employees feel valued, heard, and accepted.

By embracing the diversity of thought, background, and identity, we will continue to become a stronger team and a better organization. Building a diverse environment is a team effort. Our Talent Acquisition and Hiring Teams are working hard to take action that creates change. Here are five steps we are taking to make progress in this area.

1. Searching for professionals in underrepresented groups

We check LinkedIn for professionals in underrepresented groups and proactively reach out with job opportunities that may be of interest. This is made possible by using LinkedIn’s Recruiter search features.

We come up with a list of relevant keywords to use in the Recruiter search settings. From there, we can utilize custom filters and similar profile settings to find candidates that match our criteria.

2. Posting job ads that attract a wide variety of audiences

Another way we find diverse candidates is by posting job ads on websites that attract diverse audiences. For instance, The Mom Project is an organization that connects women with employers who respect work/life integration. POCIT is a website that connects people of color in technology with hiring companies, and is a website largely used by job seekers from Black communities.

These are just three examples — we post to a wide variety of websites that have an audience with different underrepresented groups.

3. Partnering with the right organizations

Forming the right partnerships is essential to promoting diversity in the workplace. That’s why Forward Financing partners with organizations like Year Up, a company that strives to close the opportunity divide by providing education and resources.

By partnering with Year Up, we have access to a diverse pipeline of talent that we might not be able to access otherwise. This helps to ensure that we can hire talent who will bring new and innovative thoughts and ideas to the table.

4. Using inclusive language in job descriptions

We review and edit all job descriptions to ensure that the language and position requirements are inclusive and appeal to the broadest possible audience. We’re in the process of onboarding a software tool that helps do this efficiently through a data-backed approach.

We also avoid using complex jargon or phrases in our job postings that would turn away potential job candidates. We avoid using words like “stakeholder,” “liaise,” or “best practices” in favor of more universal language that will resonate with people from all backgrounds and walks of life.

5. Working with third-party staffing agencies

Finally, Forward Financing works closely with third-party staffing agencies that provide access to additional candidate pools. This helps to minimize any unconscious bias and ensures that we receive access to a vast pool of diverse candidates.

Promoting diversity in the workplace is an ongoing priority, and our work is far from over. But we continue to make progress by establishing the importance of diversity as a clear priority and aligning our operational actions with it.

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