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While Forward Financing is widely recognized as a leader in the Small Business Financing space, many tend to overlook the incredibly important technology components that support our multiple platforms. Without having a killer technology team who works tirelessly on application improvements and sustainable solutions, we would not be able to deliver the impeccable service that we do on a daily basis. As a company we have provided nearly $300 million in funding for over 9,000 merchants, many of which were able to receive funding approvals and deposits in their bank accounts in under 24 hours thanks, in part, to the technology that powers our processes.

As self-proclaimed, “lovers of code review and continuous delivery,” the team has started their own FF Engineering Blog at the end of 2016 with the intention to share some updates on what the team is working on, technical issues they have been faced with and brilliant solutions that they have been able to put into practice.

Since inception in 2012, our team at Forward has grown significantly with no signs of slowing down. The engineering team alone is growing, in a push that will eventually more than double the size of the group. Today, we employ a mix of in office and remote team members with varying skill sets. The team follows the motto of having a “blameless culture” that is practiced and applauded throughout the diverse group in office or remote.

Forward Financing engineers work on exciting projects and solve tough problems using many of the latest technologies including Rails, Phoenix, or React – to name a few. We’re thrilled to share the Forward Financing Engineering Blog for all to see and hope you check back for monthly updates. Check out the Engineering Blog here.

A few of the recent topics include:

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