Forward Financing Named The 2nd Fastest Growing Private Company in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal

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Forward Financing Named The 2nd Fastest Growing Private Company in Massachusetts Over the Last 3-Years by the Boston Business Journal

It’s hard to believe it’s been almost 5 years since Forward Financing opened its doors for business in 2012, and almost four years since I had the privilege to join what has become the most exciting, challenging and rewarding ride of my professional life.

When Forward Financing was recognized last week by the Boston Business Journal (BBJ) as the 2nd fastest growing private company in Massachusetts, a flood of thoughts and memories entered my mind.  Achieving a 3-year growth rate of over 3,000%, with revenues climbing from $900k in 2013 to over $28m in 2016 is a feat that few companies are able to accomplish.

What’s been the key to the company’s success? While there are no silver bullets, two things stand out – our amazing people and a very strong company culture.

A key consideration by our two co-founders, Justin Bakes and John Cain, to headquarter the company in Boston back in 2012 was Boston’s deep talent pool.  Our ability to access that talent has enabled the company to recruit a top-notch team, focused on delivering a best in class experience for the partners and small business owners that we work with nationwide. Hiring great people or “A” players, makes life much, much easier to say the least.

Our company’s culture stems from a strong belief in the service we deliver small businesses.  Since inception, we’ve provided over $150m in working capital to small business owners nationwide to help them grow and sustain their business.  We recruit people that believe in our service, have a great attitude, want to be challenged, and have a track record of being an overachiever.  They want to feel good about what they do every day, who they work with, and how they are treated. Our culture reflects these attributes.

It’s an honor to be recognized with so many other great companies on the BBJ’s Top 50 List.  Thanks to the BBJ for organizing such a great event and a special thanks to every employee at Forward Financing that has helped contribute to our success over the years!

By Doug Clendenin, VP Strategic Partnerships 

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