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We went paintballing… No really, we did.

Forward Financing decided to shake things up for our quarterly team-building exercise and led their employees into an all-out paintball war.  It wouldn’t be an event with cheesy parables or tell-me-how-you-feel moments but rather an exercise that would include plenty of blood, sweat, and tears. I have to say it was one of the most cathartic experiences I have had.

“What’s the rule on shooting your manager?” I asked Tom Shepard, our VP of Sales. “Well that would imply that you could actually catch me,” he responded.
I’m proud to say I did. I tagged my boss, and it strangely made me like him more.

I think Forward Financing hit on something with our field day that other companies often miss: we are of course not just a company, but a family. Though it may seem at times that we congregate in our different departments, when it comes down to it, we all rely on each other. I won’t soon forget the image of our COO diving behind a bunker to escape a flying ball of paint that was meant only for him, or taking out an engineer with half a second to spare before he would have gotten our CEO.

I was the only sales person on my team. This meant the people I interact with the most on a daily basis were now my enemies. It was a strange experiment to have to hunt down my close work buddies, while having to trust those I work with the least to have my back.

Paintballs hurt and that pain motivated a whole lot of teamwork. I stopped thinking about members of my team in their different departments at the office but as individuals working together to make sure none of us got hit. All it took was the idea of getting splattered in paint to remind us of the family that we are.


By Andy Ladd, Account Executive

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