Forward Shares New Educational Resource about Revenue-Based Financing

May 23, 2023 | Company News

May 23, 2023 – Today, Forward shares a new website dedicated to educating a range of audiences – small business owners, partners, and policy makers – about revenue-based financing. This website,, will help bridge the awareness gap throughout the small business community, and organizations that support them, about revenue-based financing and offer objective, balanced information about this financial product. It’s important that small business owners and supporting groups understand how revenue-based financing is a necessary option within the small business financing ecosystem.

“Our goal was to make a balanced, non-promotional resource available that expands on the features of revenue-based financing, as a whole, within the small business capital stack,” said Marketing Director of Forward, Jessica Roden. “Especially when offered by trusted, reputable providers, which tend to get less media coverage. There’s another story to tell about the success small businesses can achieve with a funding solution designed to support them through the ups and downs that often come with running a small business, and it’s one worth telling.”

This new website provides in-depth information about how revenue-based financing works, why it’s different from traditional financing options, and how it’s beneficial for small business owners, including tips on what to look for in a good provider. Please visit to learn more, and help spread the word to any small business friends or family you think might benefit from it!

About Forward Financing

Forward Financing is a Boston-based financial technology company that provides fast, flexible capital to small businesses nationwide that have been long underserved by traditional financing options. Forward offers revenue-based financing – delivering an upfront sum of working capital in exchange for a fixed percentage of the business’s future revenue. By simplifying the requirements, streamlining the process, and using advanced proprietary technology, Forward is able to deliver approvals within minutes and funding within hours — giving more businesses the financial opportunity they need to thrive. Plus, with their dedicated teams and award-winning service, customers get personalized support when they need it most.

Since 2012, Forward has expanded Main Street’s access to capital by providing over $2 billion in funding to more than 47,000 small businesses. The company is A+ rated by the Better Business Bureau, with an Excellent / 4.9 stars rating on Forward is also recognized as a Best Place to Work by the Boston Business Journal and Built In Boston, certified as a Great Place to Work®, and is committed to helping their people and the small businesses they serve to achieve their full potential.